Eurodata France


Managing Director
Dominique CHOLLOT

Eurodata International : a European, multilingual group supporting its customers
in their international development

The Eurodata group is a leading pan-European IT business, focused on retailing. With over 500 employees, the group can rely on more than 45 years of experience and collaborates closely with its customers to bring them professional business solutions and superior quality services, including high level, multilingual technical support.

Eurodata's European culture and locations mean it can bring valuable experience to groups who wish to develop their European business potential.

Eurodata France is certified ISO 9001 by LRQA. Eurodata's mission is to fulfill the information needs of professional retail organisations at outlet and headquarters levels by using information technology to maximise profitability.

Eurodata France has two subsidiaries, one in Luxembourg for the Benelux market and one in Barcelona for Spanish and Portuguese markets.

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